Ozone Sterilizer


Ozone Sterilizers for Medical Use

Ozone sterilizer manufacturers use ozone as the main element to sterilize the medical devices. Ozone is one of the most powerful oxidative agents in the nature, due to its extra free radical oxygen molecule, it is able to destroy germs, viruses, fungi, parasites and microbes which can cause surface or air contaminations.

Ozone sterilizers for medical use started after it was discovered that ozone is an effective and very potent material to sterilize medical equipments. In fact the usage of ozone has been extended to even other processes where you need to clean the environment of any microbial life and infections. Ozone charged water is now being used to clean pipes, tanks, floors and surfaces of equipments.

Ozone is typically 50% more powerful and is estimated to act 3000 times faster than chlorine at 100 times the strength. The biggest advantage of using an ozone based system is that it doesn’t leave behind any kind of residue and hence is not a burden on environment and our surroundings.

Ozoster is very effective and efficacious in the Sterilization of devices made of corrosion resistant metal and alloys – stainless steel scissor, Stainless Steel surgical blade, stainless steel forcep etc.Inspection tools used for performing medical surgeries – Stainless Steel bone cutter, stainless steel scalpel. Instruments made of plastic – propylene ( I. V. Cannula).
Ozone resistant medical rubber – Silicone. Polymer Epoxy Resin.
Pathology Devices – Glass slide, Dice etc.


Ozoster Dimensions (W X D X H) 650 X 330 X 350 In mm
Sterilization Volume 45 Lit
Sterilization Cycle Time 70 Min
Workable Volume 30 Lit
Net Weight / Gross Weight 18/22 Kgs
Full Load Current 0.5-0.6 Amp
Mains Voltage 220-230 / 50 Hz VAC
Power Consumption 0.12 KW
Body Type SS Steel(316)

Ozoster is also used to sterilize heat sensitive equipment prior to this ethylene oxide was primarily used to cold sterilize heat-sensitive instruments.However it was discovered that ethylene oxide is carcinogenic and neurotoxic.It also poses flammability issues and is thus usually used with chlorofluorocarbons (CFC’s) which themselves are now considered undesirable.Further this process of sterilization with ethylene oxide takes around 14 to 36 hours.

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  • Compact Design and Easy to Operate with adjustable space and removable tray.
  • High Value to Money, with no additional cost.
  • No Heat Up time and No energy Consumption when not in use.
  • Automatic 70 Minutes Operating Cycle and Digitally Monitored.
  • Suitable for Vide range of instrument for sterilization used in Surgical Procedures, Pathology and Laboratories.
  • No tension of Dispose off the Toxic Chemicals like Ethylene Oxide – ETO
  • Microbial Sterilization Efficacy far superior and Fast in comparison of conventional methods with excellent pentration.


  • Control operation are fully automatic with microprocessor control.
  • Reliable, efficient, carefully treating expensive equipment and tools, easy to operate and maintenance friendly.
  • Fully ready for operation; does not need additional erection and assembly works.
  • No destruction of tools and products being treated.
  • No harmful and environmentally hazardous emissions into working area and atmosphere.
  • Possibility to install the sterilizer directly in the office.
  • Ozoster meet the occupational safety, electrical and fire safety, as well as sanitary and hygienic requirements.

Results and Efficacy

Sterilization Efficacy of Ozoster was found to be 99.99%, against Escherchia coli, Salmonella typhimurium,Clostridium Sporogenes Aspergillus niger, Candida albicans. The efficacy also showed complete removal of Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Coliform bacteria (Escherichia coli) after the sterilization cycle of 70 minutes.

Re-Confirmation of Efficacy by the Med Test Indicator

Specially Designed Ozone Sensitive stickers indicates a colour change after completion of sterilization cycle of ozoster.
Hence, Ozoster Re-Confirms the Efficacy against various parameters through this MED Test sticker.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )


Preparation for work, Installation and Work Procedure:

The device must be used only in accordance with the operational manual.
Before turning-on the device, it is necessary to become familiar with the safety rules set out in the sections of this operations manual.
Open the box with the device, take out the device from the shipping container, remove the polyethylene cover, and check the availability of seals and the absence of scratches and bumps .Wipe the device, the internal surfaces and stainless pans and then wipe everything dry. Flowing of disinfectant into the internal cavities of the device is not allowed. Keep the device in normal conditions for some time. Install the device on a flat surface of a desk, so that the casing has minimum deviation from the horizontal. In order to provide normal ventilation of the device, it is necessary to provide clear opening between the device bottom and the desk surface. It is not allowed to cover the walls of the device, at the same time it must be placed at the distance of not less than 20 cm from the wall. By means of visual inspection, make sure in good condition of the mains cord and its plug.
The device is connected to 220 V 50 Hz mains, by inserting the mains plug of device into the socket, which has visible metal contacts under the European standard, connected by an electrician inside to the third neutralizing wire.
“Ozoster” sterilizer is made in desktop design and consists of one casing hermetically divided inside into 2 units by a metal partition. The left unit contains all pneumatic and electrical part, electronics, and appliances for sterilization progress monitoring and safe exploitation provision. The right, sterilization chamber unit consists of an air-tight casing being hermetically closed by the front door with special internal hinges, using a special clamp-handle. Inside the sterilization chamber, in a protective metal casing with ventilating holes, there are four discharge chambers of ozone generator, bactericidal UV radiation lamp, and two pan-pallets with holes. The upper pallet is fastened, and the lower one can be pulled out, to facilitate cleaning of the chamber, and washing.
On the rear panel of the sterilizer, there is the mains cord and the label specifying the factory number of the device, voltage, etc.
Load the sterilized tools on 50% of area loading (in one layer) on the bottom of the pans in such a way that there is a clearance for ozone-oxygen mixture circulation between the tools themselves, and the tools and the pan in the sterilization chamber, using the holed pans for that purpose.
Close the sterilization chamber door (tightly, press the handle as far as it will go). On the front face panel, there is a key of electric turning-on (off)of the device. On the rear panel, there is the mains cord with the electrical socket.
Sterilization is carried out with ozone produced in built-in ozone generators of the sterilizer from aerial oxygen within the sterilization chamber. After pressing the “CIRCUIT” button on the front panel of the device, its turning-on, heating-up and self-calibration is performed, and the sterilizer operation starts. Upon the expiry of the set period of the sterilizer operation and ozone generation for 70.0 minutes, the “TIMER” automatically turns off the ozone generators, fans, electronics etc.; sterilization is finished. However, to prolong, sustain and maintain sterility inside the chamber, the bactericides lamps remain turned-on until the On/Off switch key is turned off on the front face panel of the sterilizer; there indicator also goes off.
The device operation is based on the environmentally safe and advanced technology of photo catalytic effect combining the properties of top-rank oxidizer, ozone, and UV radiation. This technology is suggested for use in sterilization for the first time. Due to photo catalytic stimulation of chemical reactions and acceleration of the oxidation rate of ozone under the action of ultraviolet radiation (light) of the bactericidal lamp, the bactericidal and sterilizing effect which contributes to quick death of all bacteria, viruses, vegetative forms of causative agents and spore-bearing infections, is enhanced tens of times. Due to forced circulation and recirculation of photo catalytically treated ozone with high quantum yield, the range of the system activity and the wavelength region expands in the sterilization chamber. High-quality treatment of hidden and internal cavities of tools is guaranteed in the sterilizer, and there is no “dead zone” effect.
“Ozoster” sterilizer refers to the class of gas-discharge electronic devices of the new generation, which, by means of electro synthesis, generate high-concentration ozone from aerial oxygen.
If the regular sterilization cycle was interrupted (for example, because of voltage disconnection or other reasons), then the tools in the chamber can’t be considered sterilized. In this case, for guaranteed sterilization, it is necessary to restart the sterilizer in order to turn-on the repeated full sterilization cycle. However, it should be taken into account that if electric voltage was turned off during operation, and then turned on again, then the sterilizer will turn on itself and will continue the sterilization process, but in this case it will run a full cycle again – 70.0 minutes.
“Ozoster” sterilizer is designed for application and exploitation for its intended purpose in various institutions as a reliable, safe device, easy to control and operate, which completely meets modern medical requirements .

Operating Conditions:

The device is used in the following operating conditions:
– temperature of ambient air working temperatures & relative air humidity from 40 to 80%
– atmospheric pressure from (101.3±4) kPa [(760±30) mm Hg].
The degree of protection against moisture provided by the device casing is usual. The device allows continuous mode of operation for performance of every full sterilization cycle during 70 minutes with a subsequent break for 10 minutes.
Service personnel performing sterilization of various tools with this device must be trained to work with it and sign in appropriate journals regarding their knowledge of the rules of electrical and fire safety and safety regulations ,and instructing on measures of precaution while working with ozone. Person responsible for instructing is appointed by enterprise order from among qualified specialists.
Persons under the age of 18 years are not admitted to work with ozone.
Specialists having adverse health conditions or expressed allergic reaction should not be admitted to work with ozone.

Requirements to Electrical Power Supply:

The device must be connected to a 220 V 50 Hz power network with proper earthing.

Technical Maintenance:

Technical maintenance is performed to ensure operation reliability and efficiency of the device use.
During technical maintenance, it is necessary to observe safety measures set out in “SAFETY REQUIREMENTS” section of this operations manual.
Presence of grease stains and all kinds of organic substances on the surface and inside the device is unacceptable.
During execution of technical maintenance works, the device must be disconnected (the plug of the mains electrical cord is removed from the socket).
In case of unforeseen depressurization of the sterilization chamber or connections inside the device, it is necessary to turn off (de-energize) the device and ventilate the room.
External finishing of the device allows sanitization with disinfecting 3% hydrogen peroxide solution with addition of 0.5% of detergent or 1% solution of chloramine.
Flowing of detergents inside the unit is unacceptable

Transportation and Storage:

During transportation the packed boxes / devices in the vehicles must be in steady position, eliminating the possibility of shifting of the boxes and hitting them against each other and against the walls of the vehicles.
Devices should be stored in ideal storage conditions like normal temperature, ambient air temperature, relative air humidity and normal atmospheric pressure.

Terms and Conditions for usage:

As an ozone sterilizer manufacturer we follow below terms and conditions for our product post sales.
No claims are accepted for the devices, which have failed because of misuse, careless handling, repair by unauthorized persons, or those damaged during transportation.
Warranty service during warranty period of one year grants the buyer the right for performance of free repair of the device, subject to the requirements of the operational manual after providing sales and purchase information.
The device is taken for repairing to the manufacturer only.
In case of continuous operation of the device, i.e. after performance of every full sterilization cycle, it is recommended to turn off the device for 10 minutes for cooling of all systems (microprocessor control units, high-voltage ozone generator, fans for heat removing, cooling of the discharge chamber etc.).