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Each healing center or nursing home has a requirement of sterilization of medical instruments. Hospital sterilization equipments come in various sizes and price points and different utility benefits.Sterilization of instruments in hospitals is a necessity and needs to be done scientifically to ensure that infections don’t transfer through these instruments from one patient to other patient.

Medical equipment manufacturers in India have also evolved and tried to keep up the pace with the changing technology.

So far medical autoclave manufacturers used to play a dominant role in manufacturing the sterilization equipment but with the evolving times and research happening in the field of sterilization it was observed that autoclave sterilizers are not good enough to eliminate the microbial life completely from the instruments.

The space of sterilization was so far occupied by these medical autoclave manufacturers, but these devices are now becoming obsolete all across the world and are being phased out.

Hence different sterilization processes evolved over a period of time.

Different sterilization processes used so far are:

  • Autoclave
  • Ethylene Oxide (ETO)
  • Chlorine Dioxide (CD) Gas
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Hydrogen Peroxide Plasma
  • Gamma Ray
  • Electron Beam

In keeping with the changing times and evolution of technology we are bringing to you the latest evolution in sterilization process which is ozone based.

Being a medical equipment manufacturer in India we are bringing in this new change in sterilization technique and introducing our product Ozoster in India which is going to revolutionize the process of sterilization.

Sterilization of instruments in hospitals and nursing homes is a tedious and time taking process and at times slight ignorance on how to sterilize the equipment can lead to disastrous results.
Hence Ozoster brings relief in terms of understanding the process, you just need to shove in the instruments and it does the rest of the work for you.

The best part about using this technology is that it’s safe to use and doesn’t leave behind any residues or waste elements, as there is no usage of any consumables for this process except the natural air available in abundance for free. Hence both environment and users are safe from harmful chemicals.The recurring cost of chemicals like in case of chemical sterilizers is not there so hence you save money as well.

It does not use steam or heat like in the case of autoclave sterilizers as well so the chances of users getting injured during usage are also absent.

The process has been accredited and certified by various renowned institutes across the world as safe and effective and caters to elimination of max threat perceptions when it comes to sterilizing medical equipments.

This is a cold sterilization process which is also useful in sterilizing heat sensitive equipments which normally can’t be sterilized in other sterilizing equipments, in fact we can claim as this is the only equipment available to carry out sterilization for these equipments in totality.

Sterilization cycle time is also very less as compared to other sterilization processes and hence there is saving of time as well apart from the costs.

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