From a long period of time our Medical industry is going to a same process of sterilization which came into existence around 1884 i.e Autoclaving the surgical tools.

From that method of autoclaving tools in a simple drum to different vertical & Horizontal Autoclaves. Autoclaves manufactures have come a long way. As always known heat kills bacteria & viruses. But it have some limitations. One of the major Drawback of autoclaves is that we can’t sterilize heat sensitive items.

Till now the solution for this problem proved that Eto sterilization. But researches proved that Eto is carcinogenic & Mutagenic for a person dealing in the same. It must be handled with a great care.

After all such sterilization methods finally come Ozone Sterilization methods finally came ozone sterilization method which is a cold sterilization process. Ozone also known as trioxygen, is an inorganic molecule with chemical formula O?. In the earth’s stratosphere ozone exists in high conutrations and acts as a shield that absorb most of the sun’s UV rays but as sterilizing agent, Ozone has a very different role.

“Ozone is the most aggressive oxidating antimicrobial agent. Ozone reacts to any organic compound by oxiding double carbon bonds. So unlike a lot of other disinfection sterilization technologies, in the act of literally taking a cell membrane apart, in destroying the cell, it converts itself back to oxygen which is very useful waste product.

Ozoster sterilizer is able to harmes the unique power of ozone by producing it inside the chamber from atmospheric air, which is commonly available everywhere. This cold sterilization process is well suitable for heat sensitive medical equipment and all those costly medical/surgical equipments that can’t withstand the high heat & humidity of standard steam autoclaving. Ozone sterilization process was approved by FDA in 2003. Ozoster sterizer benefit is it does not leave any residence or toxic fumes that must be disposed off. Cycle time of sterilization is very less as compound to conventional sterilization methods. As the product does not require any consumbales, it is cost effective & naturally safe for environment.

Lab reports prove that ozone kills different kind of bacteria like geobacillus stearothermophilus, Aerobic bacteria, Anaerobic bacteria and many more.