Autoclave sterilizers have been in use for quite some across the world in both hospitals as well as research institutes. The first machine came into existence around 1884.

Autoclave manufacturers in India have come a long way from the time when they started manufacturing autoclave machines in India. The focus has been on making the process simple to use and processes have been automated as well in some cases.They have also tried to bring in different sizes so that one size fits all doesn’t apply, so depending on one’s requirement industry specific sizes have been developed.

Depending on your requirement you can choose a

  • Semi Automatic autoclave machine
  • Fully automatic autoclave machine

The product range has undergone a complete evolution cycle and has seen a complete range evolve over a period of time right from horizontal autoclaves to vertical autoclaves and even portable autoclaves.

The manufacturers have also gone ahead and got their machines accredited from various National and international accreditation societies to lend more credibility to their products over a period of time.The acceptability factor for the product has also increased over a period of time amongst the various institutions and businesses where there is a requirement for sterilization.

However with the advent of new technology which is ozone based sterilization autoclave machines are losing ground in the market steadily as this new technology is fool proof and caters to a wider range of sterilization.They are capable of sterilizing all range of equipments irrespective of the material that’s used in the equipment as there is no need of high temperature or pressure to sterilize the equipment in this process.This type of sterilizer is especially used for equipment where chips are used or which have heat sensitive material.This sterilizer can also sterilize rubber based equipment.Though ozone based sterilizers have been used across the world for quite some time now, however in India due to lack of knowledge the usage has still not picked up.

We have limitations of type of equipment that can be sterilized in autoclave machines whereas incase of ozone based sterilizers there is no limitations and hence the acceptance level of these sterilizers have increased over a period of time.Moreover these sterilizers also are effective on wider range of bacteria and organisms that are generally considered as health hazards for the patients or human interface.