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Autoclave machines are steam based sterilizers and their primary function is to sterilize various equipment through steam.In simpler terms we can say that its a pressure chamber where the equipment to be sterilized is exposed to high temperature steam which is usually around 132 degrees celsius or 270 degrees Farenheit for about 20 minutes or even more depending upon the load and the kind of equipment to be sterilized.

Autoclave manufacturers in India have evolved and developed client specific products,they have designed different size autoclave machines for different needs.

Ideally the optimal composition of steam in an autoclave machine is 3% liquid and 97% gas and any changes in the percentage of moisture has an effect on the sterilization time.A major disadvantage with these type of sterilizers is that if the steam is dry it increases the sterilization time.

Hence there are two important factors that need to be monitored in these devices:

  • The level of non-condensable gases
  • The moisture level

Conventional autoclave sterilizers have following disadvantages:

  • Corrosion of non-stainless steel items
  • Damage to heat sensitive items
  • ETO is Carcinogenic, mutagenic
  • Long cycle time
  • Need large space for installation

Ozoster Advantages over Autoclave:

  • No corrosion as it doesn’t use water
  • Cold sterilization process
  • No use of chemicals
  • 70 minutes complete sterilizing process
  • Table mount

Utility of ozoster over autoclave

Ozoster sterilizers can be used for sterilization of Pathology & Laboratory devices

  • Sterilization of surgical instruments
  • Sterilization of Glass Slides
  • Sterilization of Dice
  • Laboratory Tools made up of Steel , Rubber , Glass etc
  • These can also be used for sterilization of heat sensitive material

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