About Us


ENDLESS CARE ABOUT YOUR HEALTH is the main priority of group of companies «Ananta Medicare».
“Ananta Medicare” aims to protect and preserve the most important human values – good health and quality of life.

Group of companies «Ananta Medicare» specializes in manufacturing and marketing of high-quality generic medicines as well as food supplements, cosmetic products with natural components and specialized medical devices.

«Ananta Medicare», the production of the company has earned confidence of patients and doctors from different countries. The company’s success is the result of tireless work, devotion and high professionalism of our employees.

«Ananta Medicare» has subsidiaries in Europe (United Kingdom), Asia (India) and the CIS (Ukraine). Now company is an expansion of sales markets in different regions of the world. With in the frame work of the development strategy, «Ananta Medicare» enhances production capacity, improves product portfolio, forms the professional team and takes an active part in research programs.


Our mission is to provide high-quality medicines and remedies at affordable prices in the interest of patients’ health and to provide medicinal and pharmaceutical experts with high-quality medical products in accordance with current health standards.


«Ananta Medicare» vision: a constant care about the health and quality of human life by improving general healthcare culture and close collaboration with specialists in the fields of medicine and pharmacy.

«Ananta Medicare» nearest plans are building new production capacities, expanding the range of products and pharmaco-therapeutic fields, research and development of new medicinal products and representation of the company’s products in the global market.


The values that we share are the key to the success of «Ananta Medicare»:



Medicines and natural remedies are made in Italy, India, Japan and Ukraine at its own plants and on contractual agreements. The manufacturing process complies with international GMP standards and meets the requirements of quality production standards.


All products of «Ananta Medicare» are manufactured at the modern pharmaceutical plants.

In 2015 there was a launch of a new plant of «Ananta Medicare», specializing in the production of food supplements and natural cosmetic products. Products are manufactured in the form of tablets, capsules, syrups, lozenges, creams, ointments and other forms.

The construction of two plants for the manufacturing of medicinal products is at the final stage. The total area of these plants is about 30 thousand square meters. The company is about to open a new plant to manufacture cephalosporin antibiotics (oral and parenteral forms) and a plant to manufacture non-sterile medicinal products of different groups. Manufacturing and quality control systems of these plants have been designed in compliance with GMP requirements and will be certified by authorized bodies PIC/S– MHRA, FDA etc.


The product portfolio of prescribed and non-prescribed products of «Ananta Medicare» corresponds to modern trends in medicine and it is formed in strict compliance with the company’s development strategy. The product portfolio includes a wide range of medicines and natural remedies manufactured in different dosage forms (tablets, capsules, lozenges, syrups, sprays, gels, parenteral dosage forms (solutions, powders for injection / infusion) that allow to prevent and to treat various diseases, such as cardiovascular, endocrine, neurological, gastrointestinal, allergic, dermatological and infectious diseases as well as diseases of the genitourinary system.

The company’s marketing strategy and multi-level quality control of products are our constant priority and they are aimed to ensure that every product meets the most stringent international standards.


«Uncompromising quality» is a basis of philosophy of «Ananta Medicare», since high quality is a predictable efficacy and guarantee safety.

The company «Ananta Medicare» has identified thorough quality control policy as priority one that includes raw materials, all stages of production, as well as packaging and storage, and meets the requirements of international GMP standards. Working operations and procedures are standardized, in compliance with international requirements and standards:

Manufacturing process complies with the standards of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). Laboratory studies are conducted in compliance with Good Laboratory Practice Standards (GLP).

Inventory control, storage and distribution systems meet the requirements of Good Distribution Practice (GDP).


Active marketing department of «Ananta Medicare» uses the modern methods of promotion designed to meet the needs of consumers and specialists in the field of medicine and pharmacy. Successful building brands marketing strategies provide dynamic development of the company in different markets.


«Ananta Medicare» has united knowledge and skills of talented, ambitious, responsible and initiative professionals. The current staff of the company is a team of like-minded people, who combine long experience and knowledge base with energy, optimism and openness to modern technologies. High professionalism and motivation of employees allows us to be a dynamic and efficient team.

An effective system of training and continuous development of organizational structure of the company is an essential priority in the work of «Ananta Medicare». HR management system is based on the Code of Corporate Ethics, where the basic rules and principles of conduct of staff were formulated and systematized.

Effective activity of «Ananta Medicare» is ensured by a coordinated work of all departments: production department, marketing department, registration of medicinal products department, sales department, department of perspective development and logistics and external service divisions of the company.

Our company is a territory of unlimited opportunities, where young, talented and ambitious specialists in the field of medicine and pharmacy have the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge, skills and fulfil themselves.

The success story of «Ananta Medicare» is a result of years of hard work of the whole team in the name of health and high quality of life for patients.

Our team is committed to be a leader and it’s ready to put the most efforts and fulfil its potential, realizing that to become a leader is not easy, but it’s also hard to keep hold of its positions and strengthen them.

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