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First time in India a Novel Concept of Cold Sterilization in the comparison of Available Conventional Methods of sterilization (Steam, UV, ETO’s , Perioxide etc.).


  • Ozoster Provides lot of Advantages against Conventional Sterilizers.
  • Ozoster’s Efficacy and High Quality of Sterilization is Tested & Confirmed by a reputed NABL accredited laboratory
  • Ozoster is very efficient, carefully treating expensive equipment and tools, easy to operate .
  • Compact  System needs very limited Space can be placed and used any where as per convenience and need.
  • User Friendly Operating Sterilization Process is back up by the Digital Monitor . Automatically Off after 70 minutes cycle of Operation as against the Long sterilization time 4-6 Hours.
  • Cost Effective in comparison with the Conventional Sterilization  system like  Saving on purchase of Ethylene Oxide and formaldehyde etc.

Ozoster Sterilizer – Ideal Sterilizer with Novel Concept in the world of sterilization. Ozoster comes from combination of two words – Ozone & Sterilization (Ozone + Sterilization = Ozoster). Ozoster introduces the concept of sterilization of medical equipment’s from Ozone “First time in Indian Market”.

FDA approved in 2003 that Ozone can be used for sterilization in medical industry.

Ozoster is introduced in Indian market with a basic size of 45 litres & workable volume of 30 litres. This product works on microprocessor controls without much manpower efforts.

Its pre-fixed cycle of 70 minutes of sterilization starts as soon as you push the start button. After completion of cycle machine automatically turns off & consumes no power after the cycle.

It consumes very less amount of power i.e. 0.12 KW which is very less compared to other sterilizers.

It does not require any consumables like other sterilizers in the market. It takes atmospheric oxygen and changes it to Ozone with a process of cold plasma. The ozone goes into the chamber and kills all bacteria & viruses present on medical instruments. After sterilization the Ozone is converted back to oxygen with the help of diffuser in the Ozoster & gives purest form of oxygen in the chamber.

Ozoster comes with a option of removable tray which makes it suitable to sterilize bigger instruments easily.

Temperature inside the chamber is ambient + 5° C which makes it suitable for sterilization of heat sensitive items like pathology slides, dices, ozone resistant medical rubber, silicone and much more.

Ozoster is Ideal for Sterilization of wide Range of Surgical Instruments:

  • Devices made of corrosion-resistant metal and alloys- Stainless Steel Scissor, Stainless Steel Surgical Blade, Stainless Steel Forecep etc..
  • Inspection tools performing Medical Surgery- Stainless Steel Bone Cutter, Stainless Steel Scalpel etc.
  • Instruments made plastic-Propylene (I. V. Cannula).
  • Ozone Resistant Medical Rubber, Silicone.
  • Polymer-Epoxy Resin.
  • Pathology & Laboratory devices- Glass slides, Dice from pathology lab.

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Ozoster is Highly Safe

  • After Sterilization no need of removal of Reagents Traces of sterilizing agent from tools and equipment unlike in conventional sterilizers. Thus very Safe.
  • Very Convenient and Environment friendly   No need to worry of disposing  off  Highly Toxic  Chlorine Compounds , Ethylene Oxide (ETO).
  • Easy to Operate : Fully ready for operation; does not need additional erection and assembly works, can be operated by semi skilled person.

Ozoster’s Key Points

  • Compact in Design and Easy to Operate with adjustable space and removable tray.
  • Automatic 70 Minutes Operating Cycle and Digitally Monitored.
  • Suitable for wide range of instruments for sterilization used in Surgical Procedures Pathology and Laboratories.
  • No tension of Dispose off the Toxic Chemicals like Ethylene Oxide.ETO.
  • Microbial Sterilization Efficacy far superior and Fast in comparison of conventional Methods with excellent penetrations.

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