Ozoster is Very Effective Sterilizer for Surgical Devices and Ideal for Surgical OPD’s, Dentists, Surgeons, ENT procedures, Gynecologists, Orthopedics, Hospitals, Nursing Home & Pathology labs etc.

Welcome to Ozoster Sterilizer!

Ozoster is a Reliable, Efficacious, Innovative Sterilizer introduced by
“Ananta Medicare Limited”.

A Company Recognized for the Quality & Trusted Pharmaceutical, Health Care Products and already serving the Medical Fraternity in many Countries for more than a Decade, with a Vision to Blossom across the Globe.

First time in India, introducing a Novel Concept of Cold Sterilization.
Ozoster provides a lot of advantages against Conventional Methods of sterilization (Steam, UV, ETO’s , Perioxide etc.)

Ozoster’s Efficacy and High Quality of Sterilization has been Tested & Confirmed by “SHRIRAM INSTITUTE FOR INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH, DELHI”

Sterilization Efficacy of Ozoster

Sterilizers play an important role in all medical facilities as they help in reducing infections and making all the instruments ready for next use. Most of the sterilizers manufactured in India are not fit to sterilize heat sensitive materials and also equipment’s which carry semiconductors like chips etc.

Sterilization of Surgical Instruments

Ozoster is very effective and efficacious in the Sterilization of these devices made of heat sensitive materials, corrosion resistant metal and alloys apart from stainless steel scissors, Stainless Steel surgical blades, stainless steel forceps etc.

Inspection tools performing medical surgeries – Stainless Steel bone cutter, stainless steel scalpel. Instruments Made of plastic like propylene ( I. V. Cannula).

Ozone resistant medical rubber, Silicone, Polymer Epoxy Resin.

Pathology Devices – Glass slides and Dice.

In-short ozoster caters to sterilization of all surgical instruments and also heat sensitive materials used for surgical processes in a hospital or used for testing purposes in labs and research institutes.

So irrespective of your requirement this is one device that will cater to all your requirements and save you money, as you don’t need to invest in multiple devices to cater to your different sterilizer requirements for your different devices.

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Ozoster’s Benefits

The device operation is based on the environmentally safe and advanced technology of photo catalytic effect combining the properties of top-rank oxidizer – ozone, and UV radiation.
This technology has been introduced for the first time in India in collaboration with Ananta medicare UK. Due to photo catalytic stimulation of chemical reactions and acceleration of the oxidation rate of ozone under the action of ultraviolet radiation (light) of the bactericidal lamp, the bactericidal and sterilizing effect contributes to quick eradication of all bacteria, fungi, yeast etc.

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Ozoster’s Features

  • Compact in Design and Easy to Operate with adjustable space and removable tray.
  • Automatic 70 Minutes Operating Cycle and Digitally Monitored
  • Suitable for wide range of instrument for sterilization used in Surgical Procedures Pathology and Laboratories .
  • No tension to Dispose off the Toxic Chemicals like Ethylene Oxide.ETO.
  • Microbial Sterilization Efficacy far superior and Fast in comparison to conventional Methods with excellent penetrations

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Advantage of Ozoster

Ozoster is Very Effective Sterilizer for Surgical Devices and Ideal for Surgical OPD’s, Dentist, Surgeons, ENT, Gynecologist, Orthopedic & Pathology labs etc

Development of modern medical equipment requires development of new effective methods of sterilization. Modern equipment and tools being applied can’t withstand heat treatment with air or steam under pressure. The limited use of heat treatment is connected with wide spread use of plastics, polymers, optics and adhesive joints.

“Ozoster” Sterilizer is designed for sterilization with ozone (produced in the ozone generator of the device from aerial oxygen) for tools, appliances, equipment, optics and other products.

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